Seat post clamp Gandhi

Gandhi – the gentle force.


The new seat post clamp by Trickstuff.
Ultra lightweight, intelligent, carbon friendly.



The Gandhi gently caresses your seat post rather than strangling it with brutal force.


Mahatma Gandhi has changed the world. To claim this for our seat post clamp would be impertinent but it works in a similar way as Gandhi himself: Quite smoothly and with great strength Gandhi embraces your sensitive carbon seat post while being super lightweight:

9,3 grams (31,8 mm)
9,7 grams (34,9 mm)
10,1 grams (38,0 mm)


What makes Gandhi better compared to other lightweight seat post clamps?


The positioning of the clamping screw results in an evenly pressure on the surface of the seat post – which is a huge advantage for sensitive carbon materials and adjustable seat posts. Thus a super skinny but high tensile M4-screw can be mounted instead of the usual 5mm or even 6mm screws. Choosing a that small screw allows to use a stainless steel bolt (A4-80) instead of expensive titanium and this way working with an even lighter screw. Gandhi is made of high strength 7075 aluminum, has a height of 13mm and is available in these three different sizes:


  • 31,8 mm
  • 34,9 mm
  • 38,0 mm


and nine wonderful anodized colors:


  • silver
  • black
  • red
  • blue
  • Cannondale-green
  • violett
  • gunmetal-grey
  • orange
  • gold


There is no other seat post clamp as slim, elegant and intelligent. You can purchase it from now on directly at Trickstuff or at the dealer of your choice.


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