Marius Hoppensack

Name:                  Marius Hoppensack

Discipline:            Street, Skatepark, Dirt, Slopestyle

Age:                      24

Residence:            Duisburg, Germany

Size:                      1.86 m

Weight:                 78 kg

Idols:                     Chris Doyle

Favorite trick:       Tailwhip

Sponsors:               Trickstuff, Beddo, Adidas, SR Suntour,

                                Reell Jeans, Schwalbe NC-17

Bike:                       Beddo TABU

Goals:                     Bring all the people over the world on

                               the bike

How do you became a bike rider?

In my childhood I was already all the time on my bike and had a lot of fun. But I didn´t like to bike long distances. I just wanted to play with my bike ?. (more just playing with the bike.) One day a friend showed me a group of young bikers who built up jumps for their bikes. Since that day I rode my bike every day.

How did you become aware of Trickstuff?

I saw Trickstuff already in magazines when I was (we´re) young. They always had special products which no one else had. One day the Trixer came out and this was exactly the product of my dreams.

Why the Trixer?

I rode a mechanic rotor in the past. After hours of searching for parts and hours of fitting I wasn´t happy with the result. The brake was horrible to ride, the rotor got dirty all the time and stopped working. But when I rode the hydraulic rotor from Trickstuff, I was so happy. I didn´t had to watch out for the cables, if they were tangled up or not. Before I wasn´t able to ride the tricks I wanted in the contests, the cable was always too long or too short.

One day the Trixer came. Just put it on the steer tube, fix the screws and you´re ready to go. It´s a closed system, I can ride all the hydraulic brakes, it works always fabulous and I don´t have to think about cables. A good side effect is that the optic is clean and there are no long cables hanging around. All in all a super part which makes my life way easier.

Races/ Contests 2013:

Top secret, but you´ll see the videos here.


1st Dirtmasters Festival 2008

1st Riva del Garda 2006/2007/2008

1st Homegrowntour 2006/2007/2008

1st Willingen Bikefestival 2008